Master yourself like your next level depends on it. Because it does.


Hi, I'm Kate Pintor.

I help relationship-based business owners find the fastest route to their next level by tapping into their strengths and supercharging their confidence as leaders of life, and leaders of people.  My custom transformational programs have helped thousands of leaders like you go beyond the strengths test to unlock their unique momentum code.

Embrace your unique design and see where that vehicle can take you.



Build your foundation first.  Are you serious about taking your life and business to the next level?

Create an inventory of your strengths, learn to observe yourself in real time, and discover where to focus first while raising your emotional intelligence in ten sessions.



Next level leadership starts here. This program is for the high-achiever who is responsible to mentor or coach members of their team.  Learn to embrace your authentic leadership style, free your communication, find uncommon resources in conflict, and learn to motivate anybody. Yes, anybody. 


Advanced Strength Leadership -

Join other entrepreneurs in this six month program where you will experience the power and momentum possible when you finally find your tribe. More resources, more learning, more engagement, and FUN! 



My clients who meet 2-4 times per month for a period of no less than six months report 70% greater satisfaction in their work and home life.  By meeting 1:1 on the phone, videochat or in person, we co-tailor your custom program to match your individual needs, strengths and learning style. Kate recommends her clients continue on a maintenance program following their program, and join a group for added value.

"Coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes.The vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back." International Coaching Federation


Consultations & Team Building

Kate Pintor is among the top 5% of strengths coaches in the world.

Lunch & Learn Workshops An introduction to Strengthsfinder and Strengths-Based Leadership - one hour

Strengths-Based Leadership A  Face to Face or Virtual Class to bring your team of leaders the wisdom they need to unlock the momentum of your organization - 90 minutes

Transformational Strengths Retreats: We currently offer retreats in the 50 United States. Global virtual retreats are also available. 

For more information on these classes or to co-create a retreat in your area, send an email to

I finally trust myself to reach the goals I set.

I figured out what I think I'm here to do and I no longer blame anyone for why I am where I am at.  

I feel empowered and excited about where my business is heading.

I am loving my work now. I see that how I treat myself impacts how I treat my staff.  

Knowing my strengths, and understanding what they say I need... has made me so much more productive.

I know what I am. I know what I'm not. Both are okay.

After years of therapy with no result, she saw exactly what the problem was, named it and I finally believe I will breakthrough it. 


Working with Kate

Turn the voices in your head into an all-star team. Name them, recognize them, catch them when they’re bullying or avoiding, and put them to work. My programs and coaching are strengths-based. I help people SEE themselves, how strong they are, how to create the conditions to release their best work, and set up themselves for success in relationship and career.  My clients become adept at coaching themselves and experience unprecedented confidence and joy. I teach them to listen to what is NEEDED in their business, so they can take control of their success and connections.  They go from people and work managing them, to confidently managing life and business. From emotional and physical fatigue to resilience.  

Next-Level Leadership Starts Here

Sponsor your own series for your team, or join one of our rotating classes.

Ideal for relationship-based businesses and service-based entrepreneurs. 

Strengths-Based Leadership I

Strengths-Based Leadership I

unlock your momentum

The gateway to momentum is your ability to recognize and play to your strengths. More importantly, what do your strengths say you need? This class provides the basics of strengths-based leadership. Follow up classes available.  

Strengths - Based Leadership II 

Strengths - Based Leadership II 


How do you activate your team members?  Discover the Four Domains of Leadership and learn exactly how to motivate the people in your care . You will need to provide Clifton Strengthsfinder results for your team members to participate this program. 

Strengths - Based Leadership III

Strengths - Based Leadership III

mentor-coach mastermind

When you discover how to unlock the momentum of others, and really hear and name their needs, you maximize your mentoring relationship and can create sustained unprecedented results. Furthermore, you are equipping others to lead with integrity and passion.

Want to be a mentor or coach? This program was designed for you.