Master yourself like your next level depends on it. Because it does.


Hi, I'm Kate Pintor.

I help relationship-based business owners find the fastest route to their next level by tapping into their strengths and supercharging their confidence as leaders of life, and leaders of people.  My custom transformational programs have helped thousands of leaders like you go beyond the strengths test to unlock their unique momentum code.

Embrace your unique design and see where that vehicle can take you.

Certified Strengths Strategy Coach

I finally trust myself to reach the goals I set.

I figured out what I think I'm here to do and I no longer blame anyone for why I am where I am at.  

I feel empowered and excited about where my business is heading.

I am loving my work now. I see that how I treat myself impacts how I treat my staff.  

Knowing my strengths, and understanding what they say I need... has made me so much more productive.

I know what I am. I know what I'm not. Both are okay.

After years of therapy with no result, she saw exactly what the problem was, named it and I finally believe I will breakthrough it. 


Working with Kate

Turn the voices in your head into an all-star team. Name them, recognize them, catch them when they’re bullying or avoiding, and put them to work. My programs and coaching are strengths-based. I help people SEE themselves, how strong they are, how to create the conditions to release their best work, and set up themselves for success in relationship and career.  My clients become adept at coaching themselves and experience unprecedented confidence and joy. I teach them to listen to what is NEEDED in their business, so they can take control of their success and connections.  They go from people and work managing them, to confidently managing life and business. From emotional and physical fatigue to resilience. 

10x your leadership

10x your confidence

10x your profitability

10x your resilience

Proven track record. Real data. Let's do this.

Next-Level Leadership Starts Here

Sponsor your own series for your team, or join one of our rotating classes.

Ideal for relationship-based businesses and service-based entrepreneurs. 

 Are you ready to stop settling?

Are you ready to stop settling?

into the looking glass

An intimate group program to help you 10x your confidence, self-trust, and activate your strengths towards the momentum that honors your unique wiring.


 You all the took the test, now let's digest it together.

You all the took the test, now let's digest it together.

SPARK your strengths

A Membership Community with monthly group classes, facebook lives, unlimited resources.

 Transformational Strengths Leadership For Teams

Transformational Strengths Leadership For Teams


Grow your influence and take on your stories. We all have a narrative that we view the world through. A lens, if you will. Actually we have many, many narratives and they change frequently. This is an incredible opportunity for you to see your blindspot without judging it. Actually embracing your weakness. 

The most powerful version of transformational leadership - taking your self mastery to the next level: by taking a deeper look into how you listen, create, lead, and succeed. In this mastermind you will have transformational conversations with your team members, improving trust, increasing the fun, and creating a strengths-based culture for your success story. 


“The irony of commitment is that it’s deeply liberating — in work, in play, in love. The act frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself up and parade around like rational hesitation.
To commit is to remove your head as the barrier to your life.”
— Anne Morris
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Kate's presentations are honest, inspirational, and activate real shifts. As a national speaker, she has travelled across the US sharing her wisdom and story to create positive impact. Her present engagements include:

Get Out of Your Wheelchair - Freeing the stories that hold us back from creating our best life.

You Are Enough - Strengths - Based Transformational Leadership from the inside out for network marketers.

VIP Days

Join Kate in historic Calistoga, CA for face to face coaching and transformation. 

You Are Enough

Retreats are a great way to bring the strengths-based transformation to your team. You make the space, we will be there. Coming soon... Virtual Retreats