About Kate

"Serving Coffee"

I was born and raised in small town New England to second generation bakery and restaurant owners. From a young age my mother taught me to leave every person better than when I found them. She and my dad provided more than food for neighbors and visitors, they offered the kind of grace and sustenance that was inexplicable. My mother called it “serving coffee”. Today it might be called "holding space". 

My love of business development probably comes from following my father around and hearing all the ways he overcame obstacles within his restaurant and the many ways he mastered himself and the business by focusing on efficiency and consistency.  My first job out of the Communication studies gate was as an executive assistant for John von Teuber in the Los Angeles area (former marketing director for Ray Kroc) where I studied and observed how to build a company from a home office to the millions in a short period of time.  My CEO training continued there for several years as I began to assist and take over marketing and sales management roles.  I continued to serve the business needs of the executive suite as a Business Relationship consultant and Marketing Manager for several other entrepreneurs in Northern California and built 4 successful organizations from the ground up over the next ten years while overcoming a disabling health condition and raising my family.   

This lesson I learned as a child, this understanding of “Business is Personal”, became my guiding principal in everything I accomplished and opened more doors than I could walk through.  Can we grow a company from the garage up and still honor our people and keep that small-business feeling?  Yes. But it's not easy.

So what are my skills other than 17 years in marketing and business development?  12 years in transformational leadership. 8 years as a coach.

From a strengths perspective, my top 10 talent themes show I am equally developed in each of the four domains of leadership- Relationship Building, Influencing, Strategic Thinking and Executing.  They reveal my strong ability to establish goals, drive towards them, and activate resources along the way.  These strengths also reveal that connection is first for me. I am doing my best work when I have intentionally created space to get "Grounded" before launching towards my goals.  My programs reflect my deep belief in the integration of the whole self.  I am uniquely equipped to help others in this specific way.

Connectedness, Strategic, Relator, Achiever, Activator, Arranger, Belief, Futuristic, Significance, Positivity, Individualization...

Core Values: connection, honor, service, hardwork, innovation, diversity, celebration, family. 



Kate Pintor is a master coach and trainer who specializes in helping frustrated professionals raise their emotional intelligence so they can create both sustainable and enjoyable business relationships while achieving their goals.

With over 17 years in high level and B2B marketing for companies such as Market Makers, The Organic Wine Company,  Idea Studios, Painted Cellars and SW Zhao, Kate brings the clarity and creativity necessary for her clients’ to achieve their personal and professional “next level”.

From her education and training in communication at the University of Southern Maine, to the high honors awards earned in transformational leadership, Kate also brings a unique “urgency” to the coaching process from her experience overcoming a devastating diagnosis (RSD/CRPS).  She is dedicated to helping men and women break-up with their sabotaging and limiting mindsets to intentionally create their personal mark on people and planet.

Kate has logged over 5000 coaching hours and shares her message at events across the planet.

Former Clients

Integrated Marketing Agency/Market Makers

Yellow-Marker Inc.

Idea Studios

Interstate Batteries

Chute's Family Restaurant

GAP Community

The Promise Center

Painted Cellars

SW Zhao Inc.

The Organic Wine Company

Unfold Studios



Studio-B Creative

Huge Bear Wines

Retail Energy Inc.


The Volunteer Center of Sonoma County




  • Strengths Strategy Coaching Certification- Fall 2017
  • People Acuity - Winter 2017-18
  • Certified Master Coach, Awake Coaching
  • Communication, University of Southern Maine
  • Quantum Leadership I, II, Culture ROI  Voted Most Trusted Leader
  • Breakthrough Transformational Training, ACCD
  • Discovery Transformational Training, ACCD
  • Transformational Training Sponsor, ACCD
  • IP Design Law, San Francisco - California State Cert



  • Founder, Facilitator. North Bay Women Daring Greatly - We are a tribe of professional women committed to disrupt the status quo, provide a safe space to fail and communicate generously together. 
  • 10,000 Strong -Providing free Strengthsfinder Discovery Sessions for LGBTQ Youth 14-24
  • Founder, RSD Living Room - Virtual Support Groups for Homebound Chronic Pain Sufferers
  • GAP Community Transformational Leadership