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There are thousands of great tools out there for personal development. How do you decipher which tool is a fit for what you’re seeking, and how do you apply what your head has learned into the context of your life?  Coaching is a proven, highly effective way to bring yourself to the next level.

Kate’s coaching style honors both the intuitive and the pragmatic, without the woo-woo. Her results-oriented program works best in a co-active approach, where both coach and client inform the process. Kate’s clients are learning to “self-coach” with the goal being for them to master their thoughts and emotions in such a way that they are able to experience an increased resilience and emotional stability as well as sustained momentum toward their vision for their life and business.
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Note: Although coaching can be therapeutic,  it is not therapy. If you are struggling with addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder or another diagnosis, seek the professional advice of your doctor and trained counselors. 



to Hire

a Coach

  • Life Transition: divorce, death, children leaving nest, post-illness
  • Career Development/Transition
  • Achieve a goal: gain support to overcome obstacles and build momentum
  • Strengthen Leadership skills – change your mindset to inspire and motivate others, better lead your community, business, family
  • Increase Intimacy – Connect with your Partner- discover new ways to build your relationship and develop a resilient connection
  • Increase Your Contentment/Joy – look at how your mindset is impacting the level of satisfaction you are currently experiencing in life.

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they hire Kate

Clients report 40-80% increase in satisfaction with:
  • home and family relationships
  • personal trust
  • life balance
  • overall happiness and contentment
  • job/profession
  • ability to manage conflict
  • confidence and clarity in communication
  • ability to lead
  • ability to manage emotions during unplanned events
  • personal confidence
  • confidence in ability to achieve vision/goal
  • confidence in ability to create financial stability

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