I am deeply vested in my clients.  In fact, they often join my tribe after completing their programs.  We partner together to create change in the world and become an ongoing resource for others on the journey. It is my philosophy that "a rising tide raises all ships".  It has been an honor to help co-create the below experiences:

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Coach & Advisor

Kate has quickly become my #1 resource for making change in my life and business. Every time I get off of a call with her I have an actionable “aha” moment that I can immediately apply. Her programs are the place where all of my training, personal development work, and goals come together to create RESULTS.

Sebastopol, CA



I appreciate working with Kate, she is such a responsive coach. Her style is both comforting yet challenging. She understands her limits but also pushes me to my potential. During my sessions with Kate, I have had multiple incidents of being triggered and Kate has given me both reassurances as well as strategies to overcome these triggers. I would highly recommend Kate for anyone looking for a change in their life or going through a major transition. Kate has this incredible ability to personalize her programs to assist you with attaining your goals.

H. San Francisco, CA.

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real results

Kate creates a safe space to create results. We can move quickly because I trust her implicitly. It’s been said, “A great teacher doesn’t show you what to see, she just shows you where to look”. That’s exactly what Kate does...San Francisco, CA



Standing Out

Learning the strengths language has helped my team get over their stories and take ownership of their personal goals. People are asking how we managed to rank so quickly. The answer is Kate.  


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Kate has helped me 10x my self confidence, clarity, and ability to take action. Now, I can clearly identify where I offer the most value, where my blind spots are, and take specific, measured action toward goals I’ve had for years but didn’t know how to tackle... Tampa, FL

Listening from the heart

She listens with her heart and head, and you can observe that she listens for the purpose of adding, giving, and contributing the best she’s got to the situation and to me. That is priceless in a world where people are listening to take from you. As you spend time with Kate she teaches you the difference subliminally of the kind of listening that is productive, creative and caring as opposed to self-indulgent and greedy. 

 Veronique Raskin, The Organic Wine Company

Veronique Raskin, The Organic Wine Company

 Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz, CA

guide and cheerleader

She is a brilliant guidepost when you're knee deep in challenging situations. She is an excellent, impartial sounding board. She is a confidant and your biggest fan. The few short months I have worked with her enabled me to make some major life changes that I thought were way out of reach. I am so looking forward to continuing my work with her.

strengths discovery

I worked with Kate on strengths assessment. I found her method very enlightening and inspiring, helping me own what I excel at and embrace what I struggle with. Kate is a compassionate & engaged listener and coach.

 Suzie Gruber,

Suzie Gruber,

  Susan Sanelli Hammack    Expressive Arts Facilitator & Life Coach

Susan Sanelli Hammack

Expressive Arts Facilitator & Life Coach


Kate is amazingly insightful into the places where we get stuck personally and professionally. She is masterful at balancing grace and truth and guiding you through to greater possibility. I wholeheartedly recommend Kate to anyone.