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Meet Kate

'The People Whisperer"

Business is Personal. Personal is Business.

With over 17 years of transformational leadership training under her belt, dual coaching certifications in Strengths Strategy and Awake Coaching, and as one of the top 5% of strengths coaches in the world, Kate Pintor brings wisdom and creative energy to the leadership and culture of organizations.


Having spent over 10,000 hours coaching individuals and teams, Kate has effectively activated her executive and entrepreneurial leaders to climb out of their own “wheelchairs” to engage their lives, work and vision with passion, and to uncover their zone of genius and that optimal sweet spot where their highest work and greatest impact collide.


Kate is passionate about creating work cultures where people can thrive, and inspires fierce ownership of the emotional wake we each have around our stories. Her personal journey of resilience and overcoming severe long term illness sparks a powerful relatable urgency.

As a conscious business specialist, she engages the values of Conscious Capitalism in all her work: Higher Purpose, Conscious Leadership, Conscious Culture, and Stakeholder Orientation. She serves on the board of CCBA as the Marketing Chair. (

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