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A Mastermind for Conscious Marketers 

Your connection to consistency.

12 Weeks to Social Marketing Success

Why should you enroll in a marketing mastermind with us?

You've probably wasted money on masterminds that didn't actually get you to where you need to go.

You probably have an arsenal on your cloud of many tools, blueprints and systems, screenshots... and you intended to DIY your way to a consistent social media content presence. 

But you overthink it. 

You aren't inspired to show up for it.

And when it's actually time to do the work, you feel drained, the tech feels too hard, and just wish someone could hold your hand and help you produce it.

Getting yourself to actually SHOW up and use those systems... will continue to be challenging. Your unique genius is SO important in the world, and you KNOW that, but you keep "falling off the wagon".  You know how to talk about it. But getting it produced into content is complex.  Maybe your confidence has taken a hit because of this toxic marketing cycle. You watch people who seem to find it all so much easier than you... and the comparison takes you off your game.

Good intentions won't create consistency in your marketing.

It's not enough to be brilliant, to do great work.

You have to get seen and build trust with your audience.


Marketing Guru's will sell you a 20,000 program and share their systems... but they just want you to use their systems and do it yourself. They don't have the patience to help draw out your GENIUS and actually get it online. They're not in the people business. They don't know how you're uniquely wired, and they will bypass over your needs, story, and unique ability to get you to fit the square hole as they see it.

If you knew how to get yourself to stay in the visibility consistently, you would be doing it.

As a marketing consultant and strengths coach, I've been supporting the social media strategies for organizations and personal brands for over a decade. 

The ONE magical ingredient for social media "juice" or energetics that convert is this: CONNECTION.

So our 4th cohort of the KPI Accelerator is about to begin!



when does it start


Mastermind begins January 12th - 9:30AM PST  - 75 minutes

Open Office Hours - Fridays - 9:15AM - 75 minutes

(for training, co-working and accountability)



Increase your personal productivity to produce your brand and show up online now.

Learn industry secrets to social media and actually implement them, while creating the conditions for flow and ease within your mind and heart.

Watch yourself grow more confident on camera, and practice creating video content that gives incredible value.  I'll teach you what to say on which platform, and reduce the complexity and chaos in your social media feed. 


This an EXPERIENCE- it will include a series of weekly exercises and self-coaching prompts to help you draw out your authentic self and practice visibility. You will create content, set goals, and use our Accelerator systems to maximize the output from your flow state, instead of forcing yourself to stay inspired in a global pandemic.  


With a weekly office hour, I will also provide training on social media, Canva, public relations, messaging, and technical systems to make your business better. This is INVALUABLE to our members. Not just personal development… but real action.

this group is for you if you are

  • Committed to build a social media presence and ready to start showing up on video out there in the world more confidently

  • Ready to increase your clarity on what to say and where to say it

  • Wish you had a producer because your content is GOLD, and there is tons of it... but it’s still in your head

  • Ready to lead yourself from the inside out and discover your flow state

  • Intuitive, Neurodiverse, Chronic Illness… we got you! 

  • Have a business model that requires you to be consistent in sales, outreach, or relationships

  • Leading, or potentially growing, a team now or in the next year

  • Growing a coaching, consulting, or advocacy business

  • Available to contribute your thoughts, wisdom and feedback to your cohort members

  • At your best with human connection

  • Committed to reach your goals and invest in your wellbeing

  • Truth seeker with a love for Connectedness


this group is not for you if you


  • Are building a side hustle as a hobby not a full time business (meaning: you have a divided focus)

  • Do not have a business model and clarified offering (we can develop it, but you need to know what you offer)

  • Seeking a solo path to productivity

  • Unwilling to show up on camera

  • Not building a social media presence in 2021

  • Don't want to put in the hard work or expecting someone to generate your content for you

  • Satisfied with social connection, but not intending to take action

  • Unwilling to be coached or guided

  • Unavailable for relationship with the cohort members

  • Eat anchovies on your pizza… just kidding. We can manage that one.




At full price with done-for-you content, this program costs 4800k.

We are confident you will earn beyond that value from our work.

However, we have developed a model where you can join for a lower tier, and reduced scope, and start generating revenue. You can increase your scope as you sell your services.


Ask for a custom plan:

Basic: $350 month x 3 months (BETA PRICING)

-12 weeks of mastermind and second weekly open office access

- all the trainings and tools (value $4500)

-Hummingbird level membership for Clifton Strengths

-Lifetime value of the training and Flow system


Premium:  $500 per month x 3 months

-12 weeks of mastermind, open office access

- 50 minute monthly strategy session with Coach Kate Pintor

-BONUS: Hummingbird & Redwood Membership Plans for inner game growth

Maximum: $1200 monthly - x 3 Months

-12 weeks of mastermind, open office

-Two monthly Strategy Sessions with Kate (six total)

-30 social graphics for your brand

-2 long form content pieces for your social

-Podcast blueprint

-Customized One Page for Speaking & Guest Podcasting

What would happen if you finally show up in the visibility and generate consistent content? What will be the impact if we took the stress out of your marketing?

Let's make it happen!



When you enroll, you will be given access to a private community on our membership site, which includes quick links. Our group will begin January 12th at an agreed time. 

Make a deposit now


And schedule your 30-minute orientation now



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Coaching & Systems Design


Content Creation Trainings & Systems

Female Vlogger

On Camera Video Confidence Coaching

Copy of Rich Foliage Banner

A twelve week cohort begins January 2021


Weekly Mastermind

Logo Design

Design Support & Tutorials


Weekly Open Office Hours w/ Coach Kate Pintor

Keep Calm Poster

Connection that Creates


Designing Your Niche

Image by Juja Han

Podcast Production Support


Podcast Host & Speaker

If I could afford it, I would hire Kate as my full time producer. Being able to get her resources and quick systems allowed me to focus on my genius zone. I don’t have to be anyone but me. How refreshing.

Green Tea

Coach & Healer

If you can trust the process, you will win. I learned that my consistency happens when I embrace my weaknesses too. Seeing everyone grow was so motivating. I’m not yet where I want to be, but I’m learning to receive help and show up anyway. This is huge for me.

Raspberry Tea

Conscious Business Coach

Connection followed up by action. This isn’t a group to feel better about not having consistency.  We do it. We leverage the group energy. We get it all done.

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