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It is always a privilege to speak to a group of people. Making business personal is about awakening and inspiring my audience to go to the next level.



You Are


An inspirational strengths-based workshop or retreat supporting women to embrace their worth and step into their best futures. 15-50 attendees recommended.

  • Learn strength based living

  • Bust through the myth that you can do everything

  • Embrace your worth and go to your next level


R. E. A. L. Leaders have Juicy Stories


We all have a story. Cancer, divorce, death, health crisis, trauma, natural disaster.  Is your story holding you back your influence?   


A powerful and inspirational keynote with four basic steps (R.E.A.L.) for women who are ready to step into their next level without the gravity of history blocking the path. 

  • Learn to let go, it's part of your story

  • Embrace a deeper confidence, it's about you

  • Learn to trust your bigger vision and move up



Keep The Hope

Machine Running: Cultivating Resilience

From the highest pain on the McGill Index, in a wheelchair at just 27 years old with CRPS, Kate transformed her life from the inside out and moved from permanent disability to successful business owner and full time coach. She left her cane at the curb in 2013 and went on to have another child and create a new life for her family.


Participants will walk away feeling:  

  • Activated towards their Goals

  • Renewed in their Vision

  • Ready to engage their personal and professional obstacle with a new energy and hope

500+ attendees



No Excuses:

Five Steps to Burnout Prevention

A 5 step burnout prevention map for high-achieving women who love the hustle but don’t want to settle. This presentation will help professionals and entrepreneurs learn to spot burnout before it happens, and discover what their strengths need to create work/life balance. 

  • Identify common causes for burnout 

  • Learn the true importance of hustle - spoiler alert: it’s personal 

  • Dismantle your expectations and activate your strengths


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