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Team Building and Leadership Development for businesses who care about people and planet. Schedule a triage call as you prepare to grow your impact.



Conscious Leadership Coaching

Engage your strengths & sharpen your skills to lead your team into success. Your wellbeing impacts your stakeholders. Triage your own personal development and learn to be the mentor you never had. 

Team Building


Change your culture with strengths-based onsite or online workshops.


Raise engagement

Increase Individual Performance


Spark personal responsibility

Self Guided Work for Entrepreneurs

Transform your leadership from the inside out  - at your own pace and with community.

Take a look at our e-courses to get you started.

Strengths Strategy


Work 1:1 with me to increase your personal performance and wellbeing or bring Strengths Strategy Group Coaching to your teams​. 


The Real Leap

The only program of its kind, this 90-Day transformational experience was designed for leaders who are ready to break through to their next level. Up-level your confidence, learn to work alongside and enjoy all different types of people, and become the best version of yourself. We are excited to offer this once per quarter.



Spark Your


A 21-day challenge and video course for your team. The accountability and support you need to digest the language of strengths & transformation. Enroll alone or together.  

Transform your leadership from the inside out 

- at your own pace

Take a look at the e-courses to get you started

Into the

Looking Glass

It's time to see everything from a different angle. A strengths-based journey to create the best version of your leadership ever so you can actually achieve the goals you set. It begins with you. 




Strengths-Based Customized Retreats for Vision & Team Development or Join our destination retreats with other like-minded leaders on your own.

There are so many ways to connect.

Discover more of the work through custom retreats,

content-filled articles, and speaking topics to engage

any audience.


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Motivational Speaking

As a speaker, Kate Pintor uses her key topics to direct the audience towards looking at their unique skills and strengths, and utilizing them to create their next big success.


Read the

These free, content-filled articles will help you engage in your strengths based learning.


From leadership tips to team building techniques, it's time for a quick reset.

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